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Organ Repertory is a powerful collection of recordings containing currently more than 1.900 exciting organ and harpsicord compositions of 285 composers. The interpretations follow historical baroque and romantic traditions of performance. The Audio Library contains especially a lot of baroque and romantic pieces which are never or nearly never played as well as the most items of the wellknown organ compositions. All recordings have been performed by Dr. Wolfram Syré. This documentation of organ music will be augmented regulary by new recordings.

In 2023 49 new performances of organ and harpsichord compositions.

In 2024 43 new performances of organ and harpsichord compositions.


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Buchner (Puchner), Hans - Hofhaimer, Paul Isaac, Heinrich Kleber, Leonhard Kotter, Hans Schlick, Arnold

Baroque France

Boyvin, Jacques - Clerambault, Louis-Nicolas - Corrette, Gaspard - Corrette, Michel - Couperin, Francois - Dandrieu, Jean-Francois ...

Baroque Germany

Abel (Aebel), David - Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel - Bach, Johann Sebastian - Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann - Böhm, Georg - Bruhns, Nicolaus ...

Baroque Spain & Portugal

Aguilera de Heredia, Sebastian - de Arauxo, Pedro - Bruna, Pablo - Cabanilles, Juan - de Cabezón, Juan - Correa de Araujo, Francisco - Durón, Sebastián ...

Romantic France

Batiste, Edouard - Berlioz, Héctor - arrangend by W. Th. Best - Boellmann, Léon - Commette, Edouard - Dubois, Théodore - Fleuret, Daniel - Franck, César ...

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Bach, Johann Sebastian

German composer, renowned for sacred and instrumental music, influential figure in classical music, his legacy endures today.

Guilmant, Félix-Alexandre

Félix-Alexandre Guilmant (1837-1911) was a French organist, composer, and teacher known for his virtuosic performances and compositions for the organ.

Händel, Georg Friedrich

Georg Friedrich Händel was a German-British composer of the Baroque period known for his operas, oratorios, and instrumental music.

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